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Kevin Ekdahl – Owner

About Us - On-Call MechanicMy name is Kevin Ekdahl. I have over 7 years of experience in the automotive repair field as a professional auto technician. In 2008 I began helping friends and family out with their car repairs. Doing this over the years I realized I was providing people a great service, coming to their homes diagnosing and repairing their cars on site. There is a great need for good mechanics in the industry who can perform great service. On-Call Mechanic sends trained technicians utilizing ground breaking technology to correctly diagnose and repair issues with your car.

On-Call Mechanic utilizes on-the car brake lathes on site to resurface brake rotors, something that no auto service is doing. This makes a perfect brake job that conforms to your wheels unique run-out characteristics.  We also use oil extractors to enact a lightening fast no-mess oil change. By doing so, we not only change oil like its nobody’s business but ours, but we stay absolutely mess free. I personally believe that by using new inventions and equipment, On-Call Mechanic service can provide greater availability for prospecting customers in Carlsbad and surrounding North County. Not only is our brake lathe equipment revolutionary, but it is dealer recommended as factory certified equipment. Take a look at our service menu. It is so easy to understand and schedule from. That is part of the companies goal, to make being our customer the easiest thing to do. Book an appointment online, you already know how much your service costs, and in cases where more work is required, we will estimate it for you on the spot or recommend from our network of shops if we don’t cover the needed repair. At least get a first diagnostic opinion. Seamless service. Once we establish a customer relationship, we will sign you up for our maintenance schedule. Reminders are sent to mobile and email devices. By the way, this is all done at your location. If a diagnosis is all you need, just call us out, it costs a flat $85.00. We will cover your car buying and selling as well. Use our service call to get a third party bill of health for your car. The 60 point inspection will be sent by email. That’s how we do things. It’s 2015, all paperwork is digital. Easy to keep records that way. We do comprehensive inspection of the root problem and explain your options in an apparent no-nonsense repair process.We guarantee everything we do. Thank you for your interest in our unique auto service.

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